Hmmmmmm…..Yellow! And Welcome to the sometimes not so mellow ramblings of my ponderments and *discoveries*. Sometimes frantic, sometimes serious, humourous at every available opportunity. Treading not so beaten path to moguldom.

My nomenclatures include Laurah, LA, Laurellah, even Roloz. Currently growing brain cells, studying Law at King’s. Interested in so many things! I was born to write. I just love IDEAS! Ambition is my middle name. Creativity and risk-taking and Knowledge are so important to me! I know what I want to pursue and achieve in life and they do not all pertain to standing in Court or sitting in an office.

So, this is my way to keep a record of things I come across on this journey to creating the empire I envision: things that I do, decisions I make, items that inspire me and anything in between that amuses or entertains me.

Sit Tight, While I Take Flight….<<<Oooooh that rhymes! Annnnywhooo…Sit Tight as I in turn aim to amuse and inspire!


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